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Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union and Families Forward Learning Center


Empowering families across generations

Families Forward Learning Center provides free education and social services to low-income families with children under 5. On behalf of Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union, Elan donated $12,500 to their mission.

The work of Families Forward Learning Center is based on a two-generational model that gives both children and parents the opportunity to gain skills that will improve the outcome for the entire family.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many families further into crisis. This gift will fund much needed mental health services for mothers, covering the cost of 160 counseling sessions with a licensed clinical social worker, or a 10-session program for sixteen mothers.

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"We’re proud to launch Across the Country Charitable Giving and help support the positive impact our credit union partners have on their communities,” said Elan’s Credit Card GM, John Owens. "We believe giving back is more important than ever and including our credit union partners was a meaningful component of bringing this project to fruition."

John Owens 
General Manager 
Elan Credit Card

We encourage you to learn more about our credit union partners, their selected organizations, and if you feel so inspired — how to get involved.  Connect with us on LinkedIn and check back for upcoming volunteer opportunities in your area.

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